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IAPCHE Hosts Conference for Presidents and Senior Leaders in Melaka, Malaysia, November 1-4, 2014

IAPCHE Hosts Conference for Presidents and Senior Leaders in Melaka, Malaysia, November 1-4, 2014




From November 1-4, 2014, IAPCHE hosted the Conference for Presidents and Other Senior Leaders at d'Village Resort in Melaka, Malaysia. The theme of the conference was: Partnership and Collaboration in Christian Higher Education: Exploring Opportunitites, Forging Strategies. This Conference brought together 89 senior leaders/administrators of 17 different countries. In the course of this three-day conference, attendees were provided opportunities to network, partner, and explore joint ventures together.

The full group of Presidents, Principals, and Senior Leaders poses for a photo Melaka, Malaysia.

Participants said this about the conference: 

What did you like the best in the conference?

  • Global presence and committed participants
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues.

  • Meeting people from different cultures and countries and establishing links with people and institutions.
  • Interactive sessions, classes, Group discussion properly organized, well managed.

  • Fellowship of participants and one-to-one interactions on common programmes with reference to future collaborations.
  • Sharing, problems solving and How must do colleges and University moving the next
  • The diversity of cultures and institutions

  • The sharing and fellowship – Group Discussions
  • The keynote address and plenary session address
  • The organization / pick up trip off / time management / sight seeing.

Read this report by Doug Blomberg, President of the Institute for Christian Studies.

Pictures from the Conference

President of IAPCHE Board, Harry Fernhout, poses with sign introducing the conference outside of d'Village Resort.

Participants, Trevor Sofield, Claudia Beversluis, and Geoff Beech, meet and discuss issues pertaining to leadership in Christian Higher Education.

Director of IAPCHE, Dr. Mwenda Ntarangwi, introduces the conference theme. 

Presidents Doug Blomberg of Institute for Christian Studies and Andrew Smith of Bethlehem Tertiary Institute enjoy a meal at d'Village.

Plenary speaker, Gerald Pillay, speaks about the role Christian universities can play in challenging the commoditization of higher education.

Plenary speaker, Bishop Gladstone, speaks about using local resources to advance the goals of international Christian Higher Education.

Plenary speaker, Quentin Nantz, gives specific examples of higher education institution and church partnerships in advancing Christian Higher Education.

Participants listen to plenary speakers. 

Participants were able to visit the many historic sites and tourist destinations in the town of Melaka, Malaysia.

Participants engage in discussions on strategies and opportunities for improving partnerships and collaboration in Christian Higher Education.


Participants find books related to leadership in Christian Higher Education which were graciously provided by Theological Book Network. 

Leaders gather in "World Cafe" style discussions on topics such as: Research Collaboration, Recruiting International Students, Faculty Exchange, and Distance Education.

A special THANK YOU to conference organizer and regional director of the Asia-Oceania region of IAPCHE, J. Dinakarlal, for the work he put into organizing and carrying out the conference.

Participant take-aways:

  • My warm appreciations to the organizers for the meticulous and strenuous efforts taken in organizing this useful four day conference.
  • I congratulate and thank Dr. Dinakarlal for having taken the effort to organize the conference.  I wish him in his team all the best.
  • I learnt that every non Christian student must meet a Christian faculty in their course of study.  I am happy God has placed me in a non-Christian Institution to serve Him for this purpose.
  • I am happy that IAPCHE is getting stronger in Asia Oceania Region.  This ups and trend should be maintained.
  • Please arrange conferences regularly every year.
  • Feel privileged to be part of IAPCHE coming in contact with Academicians from different parts of the world.
  • Thanks for the hospitality of the organizers.
  • It was a fine experience with extra ordinary, but simple people.  It was a relief and a joy to profess Christ freely and to all.

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