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Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Receives $150,000 Grant

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Receives $150,000 Grant



The Kern Foundation, which funds the Kern Scholars Program, has awarded Grand Rapids Theological Seminary a grant to fund a unique series of events that engages pastors in helping integrate faith, work and economics.

“We want to help pastors and the church think about their work and their engagement with the economy through the lens of faith and a Christian worldview,” said Darrell Yoder, director of the Kern Scholars Program and overseer of the $150,000 grant.

Yoder has a three-pronged goal for using the grant money. First is a series of Talking Point events for pastors that will take place monthly from February to May 2015, and during that same time in 2016. Keynote speakers and panelists will include a number of local pastors and professors, as well as nationally known experts in the field of economics and faith.  Speakers and dates will be finalized soon.

The second prong of the grant is to use the 2016 iteration of the Talking Points events to create a video-based curriculum for churches that captures the lectures and Q&A times, plus adds additional information.

“We want to create this for the pastors who attend  Talking Points to use in their churches, but also make it available broadly for churches to use in their own studies,” said Yoder.

The third prong is for pastors who attend the events to become part of the Made to Flourish Pastors Network created by the Kern Foundation, which allows pastors to apply for Kern Foundation grants and build a relationship with the foundation facilitated by GRTS.

“My prayer is that GRTS can help pastors as they disciple people in the areas of work and faith,” said Yoder. “For the seminary, it’s an exciting opportunity to serve the church in a new and direct way.”

For more information about upcoming Talking Points, contact Yoder at or

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