Members of IAPCHE at the Faculty Enrichment Program in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013
Kenya FEP 2013

Breakout Session 3

10:30 am-NOON, Tuesday, June 6

1A - Studies in International and Minority Student Success


A Meta-Synthesis of the Spiritual Experiences of Minority Students in Predominantly White Faith-Based Universities in the USA: Implications for Global Christian Higher Education


This study present results of utilizing the methodology of qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis (QIMS) to synthesize 20 years of research evidence investigating the spectrum of the role and utility of spirituality and religiosity in the academic experiences, success, and challenges of black students in (faith-based) predominantly white institutions (FB-PWIs, or PWIs). This QIMS presents best practices for the integration and retention of Black (or minority) students. Implications for Christian higher education, practice, and research are delineated.


A. Christson Adedoyin, Associate Professor of Social Work // Samford University // Birmingham, Alabama, United States


Improved learning: Listening to the voices of international students and their professors at Kenyan Christian Universities


After exploring the challenges of international students in a preliminary study, Janice interviewed 36 international graduate students and 32 professors at four Christian universities around Nairobi.  She discovered what hindered and what facilitated their learning.  She will explain helpful strategies for teaching internationals and multi-cultural classrooms from her research.


Janice Horsager Rasmussen, Ph.D. Candidate in Education, Doctoral Teaching Fellow // Africa International University // Nairobi, Kenya 




3B - Campus Ministries and Study Abroad: Listening to Three Different Organizations’ Efforts Toward Building Study Abroad Programs with a Christian Worldview



Only within the past 4 years, three campus ministries (CRU, Intervarsity, and Chi Alpha) all captured a similar vision and independently developed Christ‐focused initiatives in study abroad.  This unprecedented session will bring together these different campus ministries to co‐present on one panel.  Participants will see the model of listening from each other in action; which is essential to building cross‐culturally competent students and mutually advancing the Kingdom of God. 

  • Erin Leonard, Strategic Study Abroad Coordinator // Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A. // Springfield, Missouri, United States
  • Jason Coorts, Study Abroad Coordinator // Campus Crusade for Christ, U.S.A. // Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Tom Sharp, National Director of Study Abroad // Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, U.S.A. // Madison, Wisconsin, United States




3C - Educating in the Context of Crisis/Business Education Strategies

Theological Education in a Context of Crises


 Bulus and Rose were leading JETS Nigeria (ECWA Theological Seminary Jos) from 2008 to 2013. During this time there were several major religious crises in the Jos and three students were killed. This paper is about the lessons we learned during the crises.

  • Bulus Galadima, Dean, Cook School of Intercultural Studies // Biola University // La Mirada, California, United States
  • Rose Galadima, Founder // Almanah Rescue Mission // Jos, Nigeria


Christian Business Education Collaboration with Liberal Arts


The presenters undertook a study to examine how students and alumni of the Leder School of Business at The King’s University in Canada perceive Christian business education and react to the integration of Christian faith in their program. The goal of the study was to enable faculty to understand educational outcomes and to develop a collaborative approach among faculty in the liberal arts and business in order to strengthen and enhance an integral strategy in Christian higher education. The outcomes of the study could be relevant to other applied fields in a liberal arts university context in North America and beyond. 

  • Hyeong-Deug (Daniel) Kim, Assistant Professor of Leder School of Business // The King's University // Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Adriana Fernandez, Alumna // The King's University // Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




3D - Cross-cultural Curricular Concepts

Global citizenship as Framework for Listening: Case studies from U.S. higher education institutions


This session will explore the concept of global citizenship as a framework for engaging students and faculty in the task of listening for cross-cultural understanding and engagement. Data will be presented from case study research conducted at two US higher education institutions in the area of internationalizing the curriculum. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of using global citizenship as a guiding framework. 


Graham McKeague, Associate Dean of Human Services // Cornerstone University // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


The Role of Modern Language Departments in Internationalizing Higher Education


This paper explores the role that modern language departments could play in internationalizing Christian higher education on campus and shaping graduates into culturally adept Christian witnesses: from aligning expectations with national language proficiency guidelines, to providing a culturally rich curriculum for students, to creating language spaces and times on campus, to pioneering collaborative programs with high school immersion programs. 


Daniel Woolsey, Associate Professor of Spanish // Hope College // Holland, Michigan, United States




3E - Intercultural Understanding

Intercultural Finesse: Learning from the Educational Perspective of Lillias Horton Underwood, M.D.


As we advise and teach students, what attitudes and skills cultivate effective listening and help us bridge gaps in cultural and national identity?

Dr. Lillias Horton Underwood (1851-1921) grasped the importance of intercultural finesse as she sought to evangelize Korea during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Dr. Horton was evangelist, ground-breaking educator, Presbyterian missionary, and medical doctor. This narrative presentation highlights Dr. Horton’s successful approaches to education and communication; it emphasizes her personal and professional interactions as a teaching tool for intercultural educators.

  • Arnold Fallon Jr., Adjunct Professor // Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America // Ph. D. Candidate in Intercultural Education, Cook School of Intercultural Studies // Biola University // La Mirada, California, United States
  • Kyung Mi Seo, Intercultural Educator // Biola University // La Mirada, California, United States


Indigenous Categories that Unlock the World of Understanding: 
The Religio-Aesthetic Significance of the Yoruba Concept (‘Gospel’) of Ase” in the Reappraisal of Biblical Meaning of ‘Word’, ‘Breath’ and ‘Light’


This paper will explore an African framework for interpreting (and understanding) the deeper meaning and symbolism of ‘Word’, ‘Breath’ and ‘Light’ – as God’s creative sanctioning agency and authority. It will employ a three-dimensional approach (biblical, traditional religio-aesthetics and philosophy) while discussing the place of the Christian/biblical worldview in the pursuit of synthesis between religion and science.


Abraham Waigi Ng’ang’a, Research Fellow // Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture // Akropong, Ghana



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