Members of IAPCHE at the Faculty Enrichment Program in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013
Kenya FEP 2013

Breakout Session 1

11:00 am-12:30 pm, Monday, June 5

1A - Christian Scholarship as a Discipline of Listening



In his recent book Tracing the Lines: Spiritual Exercise and the Gesture of Christian Scholarship Robert Sweetman offers his an understanding of Christian scholarship as a spiritual discipline – scholarship attuned to the shape of our Christian hearts. This discipline requires careful listening to the voice of the other. In this session Sweetman and other Christian scholars will explore this this understanding of Christian scholarship and its implications for the vocation of Christian academics. 

  • Robert Sweetman, H. Evan Runner Chair in the History of Philosophy & Academic Dean // Institute for Christian Studies // Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • George Marsden, Emeritus Professor of History // University of Notre Dame // South Bend, Indiana, United States
  • Deborah Bowen, Professor and Chair of English // Redeemer University College // Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Board Room


1B - Cross-Cultural Worship


Cross-cultural Worship in Higher Education: A Gospel Choir Journey in Translating Musical and Identity Expectations at Houghton College


Houghton College has enjoyed a long tradition of education in Classical music programs. With the internationalization of our campus and a consequent expansion of musical genres and student identity, the Gospel Choir program has taken the lead in embracing new perspectives that are infusing the campus with fresh dialogue and new ideas. The immediate result is a manageable amount of chaos, with equal measures of acceptance and embracing of different cultures and aesthetic paradigms.


Armenio Suzano, Dean, Greatbatch School of Music // Houghton College // Houghton, New York, United States


Worship and Culture


One of the central questions of this conference is: “How do we shape graduates into culturally adept Christian witnesses who are prepared to serve God’s peace and justice in the larger world?”  
Considering that Christian worship is a formative practice par excellence, this workshop aims to explore how Christian worship interacts with cultural context, paying particular attention to how trans-cultural Christian practices can be experienced in ways that are both contextual and counter-cultural in various contexts.  We will also address how the study of worship in academic institutions can support vital worship practices.

  • María E. Cornou, Program Manager for International & Intercultural Learning // Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Calvin College // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
  • Carlos Colón, Senior Coordinator of Worship in the Office of Spiritual Life; Resident Fellow at Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion // Baylor University // Waco, Texas, United States
  • Swee Hong Lim, Director of Master of Sacred Music Program, Deer Park Assistant Professor of Sacred Music; Director of the Chapel // Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto // Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • John Witvliet, Director, Professor of Worship, Theology, and Congregational and Ministry Studies // Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Calvin College, Calvin Theological Seminary // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Willow East


1C - Equipping Students for Listening Across Difference



How do students listen across difference during a 3-week study abroad course exploring justice, arts, and leadership? How do professors hear and respond to what students catch and miss? This presentation looks at the promises and pitfalls of four multi-sensory “listening-learning” structures designed for equipping students to listen in new ways: Arts-based Exploratory Research, Interviews, Multi-media Field Notes, and Journals.  Data findings examine Christian virtues of humility and hospitality in intercultural listening.

  • Debra Paxton-Buursma, Associate Professor of Education // Calvin College // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
  • Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk, Associate Professor of Art and Art Education // Calvin College // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Willow West


1D - Shaping a Campus Culture


The Postures of Caring and Curing within Christian Higher Education


Rooted in a biblical-theological approach, this paper will discuss the roles or postures of caring and curing within the context of Christian higher education. Caring fosters a sense of connectedness and a posture of joining together, not only person-to-person, but also joining persons to communities, and curing strives for healing and wholeness that reaches deep into one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength. Practicing the postures of caring and curing enables teachers and learners to listen and learn from each other and in turn to help their communities flourish.


Patricia R. Harris, Provost // Kuyper College // Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


Learning from the Other: Strategies for Christian Faculty


The paper highlights how faculty members can use study abroad, faculty exchange, volunteer workshops, collaborative research, grants, conference presentations, and co-authored publications to learn with and from colleagues in Christian higher education around the globe. Drawing from her work in Southeast Asia, the presenter will provide strategies to prepare for and maximize learning from the other, supported by data collected from two studies she conducted among local Christian and Buddhist teachers in Myanmar. 


Mary Shepard Wong, Professor and Director of Field-based TESOL Programs // Azusa Pacific Univeristy // Azusa, California, United States

White Pine

1E - Hospitality in Christian Higher Education


A Critical Invitation: Embodying Hospitality in Teaching and Learning


The purpose of this presentation is to explore how a theology of hospitality can serve as a foundation for effective pedagogy in the 21st century classroom. The presentation will develop the theology of hospitality based on Scripture and relevant literature and provide numerous suggestions to modify teaching practice. These practices include diversifying the curriculum, welcoming diverse ways of knowing, fostering healthy interreligious dialogue, cultivating the consciousness of privilege, and developing mutuality in the educational process. 

  • Benjamin D. Espinoza, Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant // Michigan State University // Lansing, Michigan, United States
  • Hannah Espinoza,  Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant // Michigan State University //  Lansing, Michigan, United States


Internationalizing on the Homefront: Re-Envisioning Globalization as a Call for Hospitality on Christian Campuses


Globalization has resulted in the addition of cross-cultural competencies to the curriculum and co-curriculum at Christian colleges. Initiatives such as study-abroad opportunities and multicultural programming may strongly resemble the efforts of secular counterparts. However, this presentation suggests our Christian tradition serves as inspiration to inculcate global competencies on the homefront by creating more hospitable communities for rising international student populations, while being cognizant of their needs, amidst the increasingly global landscape of Christian higher education.

  • Britney Graber, Ph.D. Student in Higher Education & Leadership // Baylor University // Waco, Texas, United States
  • Katie Robbins, Ph.D. Student in Higher Education & Leadership // Baylor University // Waco, Texas, United States


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