Members of IAPCHE at the Internationalization Conference at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May 2013.
North America Conference

IDEA Fund Bios


Saeed A. Khan, Panelist


Saeed A. Khan is currently in the Department of History and Lecturer in the Department of Near East & Asian Studies at Wayne State University- Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches Islamic and Middle East History, Politics and Culture and where he also is a Fellow at the Center for the Study of Citizenship. He is co-host of Detroit Today on WDET and serves on the Board of the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights. Mr. Khan consults the US and UK government and the European Union on their respective Muslim communities, as well as the Foreign Ministry of India on issues of citizenship and engagement with its diaspora community. He has also represented the US in a delegation to the UK on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security examining counter-radicalization issues. He is also a board member of the IDEA Fund.



Dr. John Barton, Panelist


Dr. John Barton is the Director of the Center for Faith and Learning and Professor of Religion in the Religion and Philosophy Department at Pepperdine University. He teaches courses on Christian Faith and Global Islam, World Religions, Theologies of Reconciliation in African Context, and Faith, Ethics, Diversity and Philanthropy. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association and is on the Board of Directors at Kibo Group. He earned his Doctorate at Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda).



Muhammad Ozair Shareef, Panelist


Muhammad Ozair Shareef, or more commonly known as Ozair or Oz by friends and family, is currently a pre-med student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology. Among many hobbies, Ozair enjoys engaging in different activities that allow him to make a positive difference in the community. Committed to helping build a healthy Detroit Ozair volunteers at the HUDA Clinic, a free health clinic in Detroit, works as a Research Assistant with a focus in Sickle Cell disease at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and also mentors/tutors at-risk youth diagnosed with Hemophilia. 



Janey Berends, Panelist


Janey Berends is an Applied Linguistics and Spanish double major at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee (though she still calls West Michigan her home.) As someone who loves learning about different cultures and who desires to see healthier intercultural relations within her community, Janey serves as a student leader for MOSAIC, a Union club that exists to build intercultural community among students and discuss the implications of their Christian faith for issues of race, culture, and justice. Janey also enjoys running on Union's cross country team, playing french horn in symphonic band, and long talks with friends.



Kurt Berends, Moderator


Kurt Berends is President of the Issachar Fund and also serves on the IDEA Fund Board. Prior to working at TIF, he founded and served as Executive Director of the Theological Book Network, Inc. He previously served as coordinator of the Pew-funded Christian Scholars Program and Pew Evangelical Scholars Program at the University of Notre Dame. Berends is a former professor of history at both the University of Notre Dame and Calvin College. He earned his doctorate from Oxford University.

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