Members of IAPCHE at the Conference for Presidents/Principals and Other Senior Leaders in Melaka, Malaysia, November 2014
Malaysia Conference

Plenary Panels


IAPCHE and the CCCU are thrilled to host the following two plenary panels at the upcoming conference:


"From a Dialogue of Words
to a Dialogue of Action"





Both Christianity and Islam place a high value on learning and the pursuit of truth.  Is there space for this to happen in partnership?  If so, what shape might that take on a Christian campus? The IDEA Fund panel will include Muslim and Christian faculty and students, who will share what they have learned and how they have grown as they have come together to learn from one another through conversation and work.


Panelists (pictured from left to right above):
  • Saeed Kahn, Lecturer, Department of History and Near & East Asian Studies, Wayne State University

  • John Barton, Director of the Center for Faith and Learning and Professor of Religion, Pepperdine University

  • Muhammad Ozair Shareef, Student, Wayne State University

  • Janey Berends, Student, Union University

  • Moderator: Kurt Berends, President of the Issachar Fund and Board Member of the IDEA Fund ​
Read Panelist Bios here



"Listening and Learning Across Deep Divisions"





This panel will explore how Christian campuses can learn to deal with potentially explosive topics that often seem too polarizing to address, or that generate fear and intimidation that shuts down dialogue. Examples are issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, abortion/right to life, and, especially more recently, politics. Panelists will explore where and why genuine discussion stops and what professors, students, and leaders need to know in order to stimulate dialogue and generate a deep sense of community.


Panelists (pictured above from left to right):
  • Skot Welch, Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, Founder of Global Bridgebuilders
  • Ron Kraybill, Peacebuilding Consultant, Publisher at Riverhouse ePress
  • Claudia Beversluis, Professor of Psychology and Former Provost at Calvin College  ​
  • Moderator: Jim Vanden Bosch, Professor of English at Calvin College
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