Members of the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education at the May 2008 conference in Taipei, China
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As a Christian scholar or institution dedicated to serving Jesus as Lord through Christian higher education, a membership in IAPCHE is vital for your continued growth, interaction, and research worldwide.

As a member of IAPCHE, you join over 900 individuals and 100 institutions worldwide promoting Christian higher education across the globe. You will have access to programs, research, networks, peer-to-peer conferences, and more to assist you in becoming a more effective and influential Christian scholar.

Please direct questions about membership to Laura Van Engen, Program Manager, at or to interim Executive Director, Harry Fernhout, at


Membership Benefits

Members receive many benefits of being in the worldwide network, including exclusive access to resources such as journals, Christian higher education news, presentations by experts in the field, and video testimonials. Members also will have discounted registration rates in our regional and international conferences, leadership development trainings, and faculty enrichment programs. Members may also receive special opportunity to host these events. Read the full document on benefits of IAPCHE membership below.

Membership Benefits

Membership Types

Institutional members are institutions engaged in higher education; 
Individual members are educators and scholars; 
Affiliate members are non-degree-granting agencies serving Christian higher education; and
Associate members are supporting individuals, foundations,or corporations. 




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Members of IAPCHE pay annual membership dues, which activate membership for one year from the date of payment. Dues not only secure your membership, but they directly fund the programs IAPCHE provides to promote Christian higher education worldwide. Members may log in to check their dues history as well as pay their annual membership dues online through credit card or Paypal. Those wishing to pay via check/cheque or bank transfer, please email


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This form is for liaisons of existing members to submit their preferred contact information. Click on THIS LINK to access the form.

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