Members of IAPCHE at the 5th Latin America Consultation in San José, Costa Rica in September 2014
Latin America Consultation

Managing your online membership account

Want to Join IAPCHE's worldwide network?

As a member of IAPCHE, you join over 900 individuals and 100 institutions worldwide promoting Christian higher education across the globe. You will have access to programs, research, networks, peer-to-peer conferences, and more to assist you in becoming a more effective and influential Christian scholar.


Membership Types

Institutional members are institutions engaged in higher education; 
Individual members are educators and scholars; 
Affiliate members are non-degree-granting agencies serving Christian higher education; and
Associate members are supporting individuals, foundations,or corporations. 

Annual Membership Dues

Dues for individuals are $35 (US) per year. Donations are also welcome. Methods of payment: PayPal, credit card, check in U.S. dollars, bank transfer. You will also have the option to set up a recurring payment.

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Manage Your Directory Listing

To update your directory listing, follow the below link to your Account Dashboard. From your account dashboard, you are able to manage your profile, create a new blog entry, make a donation/pay dues, and update your login password.

Click here to Manage Your Directory Listing

Managing Your Profile

After accessing your Account Dashboard, select "Update Your Profile Listing" (if you're a new member select Create Profile). From there you'll be able to update:

  • Title
  • Directory Member Image
  • Address(s)
  • Contact: Email(s), Phone, Fax
  • Institution
  • Position
  • Discipline
  • Research
  • Profesional Experience
  • Service to the Community
  • Member Publications & Files

Uploading Files

To upload files to your directory listing that are accessible by members only, go into "Update Your Profile Listing" - scroll to the section "Member Files" near the bottom. From there, select the green '+' which will give you an option to browse your computer for the file & label its title.

Creating a Blog

From your Account Dashboard you are able to create a new blog to be posted to members. This will bring up a form that will call for a blog title, image, teaser, and blog text. After submitting your blog, it will be marked as pending until an IAPCHE administrator reviews and approves the blog content.

Updating Login Info

To update your login info, go to your Account Dashboard and select "Update Login Info". From there, you are able to update your screen name, email associated with the account, as well as change your password. 

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