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IAPCHE Latin America (AIPESC) 6th Consultation

» July 3-July 7, 2017 – Lima, Peru


Where is Protestantism in Latin America Going? A multidisciplinary and prospective vision at the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

The theme of the 6th Consultation of IAPCHE Latin America will be, "Where is Protestantism in Latin America going? A multidisciplinary and prospective vision at the 500th anniversary the Reformation.” Upon the completion of the Quincentennial fo the Reformation, what is the state of Latin American Protestantism in its evolutionary process? What is the significance of its presence in the religious, social, cultural, economic, and political transformation of Latin America? Will Latin America receive the best of Protestantism and its historical contributions? After 500 years since its emergence and advancement, what is the signficance of its presence in the region? What obstacles have occurred and continue to occur, or what new factors have arisen in the context or within Protestantism itself? The Consultation aims to provide a multidisciplinary approach and a more integrated vision of God’s people’s missionary challenges in the continent, in view of the wider achievements of Protestant heritage, for the blessing of our nations. 


Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios (CETI) & the Latin American Theological Fellowship (LATF/FTL)


July 3-7, 2017


Lima, Peru

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Sidney Rooy & Dr. René Padilla


Dr. Rooy is a historian of the Church, writer, as well as founder and advisor of IAPCHE in Latin America. Dr. Padilla is a theologian, founder of the LATF/FTL, writer, and renowned Latin American thinker. He is credited with having influenced a more holistic perspective on mission in the evangelical Protestant milieu worldwide. Dr. Rooy will give the opening address for the consultation, and Dr. Padilla will present the lecture "The Legacy of the Reformation in Latin America: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities", during an Open Forum for the churches and the general public.  

Panel Session Information

There will be specialized panels in different disciplines: Humanities (Theology, Missiology, History), Social Sciences (Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Psychology), Education (Basic and Higher, Theological), Communications, Literature and Arts, all of these also with the participation of recognized Latin American speakers in each discipline, amongst them: Edesio Sánchez, Pedro Arana, Darío López, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Nicolás Panotto, Tomás Gutierrez, Carlos Mondragón, Ruben Paredes, Nina Balmaceda, José Alcántara and others. Renowned speakers within the country such as Victor Arroyo, Milton Guerrero, Donald Smith, Juan Fonseca, René Castro and others will also participate.

Some of the themes in these panels are:

  • The Reformation as Theological epistemology ("semper reformanda est")
  • Coloniality and Decolonization of Protestant thought
  • Protestant thinking and social change in Latin America
  • Contrasts between Protestantism - Catholicism in the two Americas (North / South): Economic and Social Development spheres
  • Protestant ecclesiological traditions and the construction of indigenous identities
  • Latin American society, poverty and inequality: Protestant alternative?
  • Re-evaluating the Protestant educational contribution in the region
  • Protestantism, communications and publications in Latin America
  • What about Protestantism in the field of Arts and Literature with socio-cultural incidence in Latin America? 

All this rich reflection will be published as a contribution to the world-wide reflection that is being generated by this special historical anniversary. In addition, there will be a space for presentation of ongoing research linked to specific contributions of the Protestant sector to social development of the region. For those concerned about this aspect, or those interested in attending the consultation, please contact the Regional Director, Dr. H. Fernando Bullon, at Dr. Bullon will have more details of the program, and indications about the registration process and respective costs. 

 More Information

You may contact IAPCHE Latin America (AIPESC) Director, Dr. H. Fernando Bullon directly via


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