Members of IAPCHE at the 5th Latin America Consultation in San José, Costa Rica in September 2014
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All IAPCHE members are invited to our 8th International Conference, to be hosted in South Korea. Read more about it HERE.


June 30-July 2, 2015 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Conference on Evolution & Christian Faith hosted by BioLogos


BioLogos is pleased to announce its first public conference, which will take place in Grand Rapids, MI between June 30-July 2, 2015. The topic is Evolution and Christian Faith. More information on the conference can be found HERE.

BioLogos’ mission is to invite the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as they present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. In response to this mission, they have run a three-year grants program during which 36 teams of scholars and pastors have worked on various projects related to the mission. This public conference is the culmination of this grant. You can see their exciting line-up of speakers HERE. ​




October 1-3, 2015 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Faith and Teaching: Virtue, Practice, Imagination


The next Kuyers Institute conference on Christian teaching and learning will take place at Calvin College in October, and will continue the last conference’s interest in how Christian education relates to virtues and social practices. Seeing education in terms of virtues (and vices) focuses attention on questions of formation that are easily relegated to the background when we see primarily through a lens of course objectives and outcomes. A focus on virtues also implies attention to the kinds of practices within which they might flourish, and to the possible role of Christian practices as a framing factor. Seeing education in terms of virtues, formation, and practices is itself an act of educational imagination that draws upon the history of Christian imagination regarding the self and its growth and telos. Papers presented at this conference will explore questions connecting these themes with teaching and learning in the light of faith. Papers will be drawn from various disciplines. Presenters have been asked to focus on questions including, but not restricted to, the following:

  • How can a Christian imagination inform the way we construe teaching and learning?
  • How has past Christian imagination contributed to our understanding of teaching and learning?
  •  What specific practices might be generated through a Christian (re-)imagining of teaching and learning?
  • How can faith-informed educational practices contribute to learners’ and teachers’ formation?
  •  How do teaching and learning practices relate to growth in particular virtues (or vices)?
  • How might these themes play out within the pedagogies of specific disciplines?


Paper proposals of 1-2 pages, including 100-word abstracts‚ should be sent via e-mail to no later than May 12, 2015.  Notification of acceptance will be sent by June 10, 2015.


Full information on the conference can be found on the Kuyers Institute Website.



Issachar Fund Writer’s Retreat 


Having trouble finding time to write? Looking to delve into the big questions of science and human life? Need a quiet, comfortable environment with quality resources available to you?

The Issachar Fund is applications on a rolling basis for their Writer’s Retreat in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This retreat is available to pastors, scholars, authors, and graduate students who are seeking to write in one of the Issachar’s Fund’s areas of inquiry. Their hope is to connect with individuals doing exceptional work in these areas, coming alongside them to help provide the space they need to write excellently. 


The individual will stay in the Issachar Fund’s available two-bedroom apartment located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. IAPCHE members are invited to learn more about the Writer’s Retreat and consider applying. Specific program details are found here.



Interested individuals can apply at any time. The Issachar Fund will review your application within 90 days.

Information on how to apply is found here.

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