Members of IAPCHE at the Internationalization Conference at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May 2013.
North America Conference




IAPCHE European Regional Conference on Vocation

Biezenmortel, The Netherlands

April 12-16, 2016


IAPCHE’s European region will host a conference titled “Challenging Vocation: Identity and character formation of the Christian professional,” April 12-15, 2016. Bram de Muynck (below left with back to camera) and Tjalling Oosterhuis (below center facing camera) who are both members of the organizing committee, attended the North American conference at Calvin College and shared some of the plans they have for the conference.


In the 2009 conference participants explored the more or less overlapping theme of “Bridging the gap between Christian Faith and Professional Practice.” In the evaluation that followed the conference the organizers discovered that many of the subthemes remained unexplored. This prompted the content committee to suggest that the 2016 conference organizers consider keeping the same theme and exploring it deeply. Given the impact of neoliberal thinking on politics since that 2009 conference, however, a few changes to the theme were deemed necessary.


The 2016 conference, therefore, will be structured around the theme of identity, asking how the processes of Christian professional formation are fostered into vocation. The main aim is to reflect on Christian images of work (Theology of work) and on distinguishing features of the Christian worker. How do professional practices implicitly cover or appear to be in conflict with the Christian message of love? How are those practices introduced during university programs? What influence do the economy and politics have on our work and study attitudes? How can educators and students be inspired to gain features of Christian vocation? The conference will answer these questions via the following three tracks:

1. Academic reflection on vocation worth. The goal here is of reflecting on a theology of work and profession, on the character of vocation and on the Christian professional identity.

2. Growth of the Christian professional within the university and within the organization by seeking to understand what it means to have growth in identity and in character for a Christian professional.

3. Renewing practices of education for vocation in Europe so as to allow for participants to sketch out an ideal formation environment for developing Christians professionally.

(Conference venue, The Beukenhof, Biezenmortel.)


More Information

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All IAPCHE members are invited to the 8th International Conference in South Korea. Read more about it HERE.




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