Members of IAPCHE at the Faculty Enrichment Program in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013
Kenya FEP 2013


Centre for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education in Africa (CPCHEA) is the regional expression of IAPCHE in Africa



For all regions:



All IAPCHE members are invited to IAPCHE's 8th International Conference in South Korea. Read more about it here.



(1) Scholarship Opportunity

Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture (ACI) is offering scholarships to pursue MA, MTh or PhD Studies at ACI. Visit the ACI WEBSITE for details on these programs and this PDF for full details on the scholarship.

(2) Issachar Fund Writer’s Retreat 



Having trouble finding time to write? Looking to delve into the big questions of science and human life? Need a quiet, comfortable environment with quality resources available to you?

The Issachar Fund is accepting applications on a rolling basis for their Writer’s Retreat in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This retreat is available to pastors, scholars, authors, and graduate students who are seeking to write in one of the Issachar’s Fund’s areas of inquiry. Their hope is to connect with individuals doing exceptional work in these areas, coming alongside them to help provide the space they need to write excellently. 


The individual will stay in the Issachar Fund’s available two-bedroom apartment located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. IAPCHE members are invited to learn more about the Writer’s Retreat and consider applying. Specific program details are found here.



Interested individuals can apply at any time. The Issachar Fund will review your application within 90 days.

Information on how to apply is found here.

(3) October 2015 Conference:

African Christian Biography: Narratives, Beliefs, and Boundaries


African Christian Biography: Narratives, Beliefs, and Boundaries

October 29-31, 2015. Boston, Massachusetts. 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Lamin Sanneh, Yale University.

Hosts: Professors Dana L. Robert, Jonathan Bonk, and M.L. Daneel, Boston University.

More details found HERE.

(4) 2015-16 African Regional Conferences

CPCHEA, the Africa region version of IAPCHE, is planning a number of regional conferences in in 2015-16 for Eastern, Central, Southern, and Western Africa. The goal is to have a larger conference, what IAPCHE’s Africa regional director Rev. Isaac Mutua (below) has termed an “All Africa Conference” in 2016. Plans are under way to host this larger program in West Africa.





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