Members of IAPCHE at the 5th Latin America Consultation in San José, Costa Rica in September 2014
Latin America Consultation



IAPCHE was founded in 1975 in South Africa with the goal of bringing together reformed higher education institutions through networking and mutual exchange. Since its start, IAPCHE has become increasingly ecumenical, expanding its networks to every corner of the world and attracting members from different denominations and many countries. Its diverse and loyal membership base across the globe provides diversity, credibility and professionalism.

Today, IAPCHE’s headquarters is located on the Calvin College campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan. IAPCHE also has regional offices in Costa Rica (Latin America region), India (Asia/Oceania region), and Kenya (Africa region).

The organization is led by an Executive Director who reports to a ten-member board representing its five regions: Africa, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


  • Curriculum Development: Working with scholars from member institutions and regions to collaboratively develop curriculum for general education and discipline specific tools for integrating faith and learning. The content and delivery are informed and responsive to local contexts and realities.
  • Faculty Enrichment Programs: Providing periodic faculty development that enables participants to stay abreast of best practices in pedagogy as well as in their respective disciplines. Regional/International Conferences: Availing forums for scholarship and intellectual exchange through symposia, conferences, workshops, and publications.
  • Leadership Training: Equip senior and mid-level institutional leaders to develop ideas and tools to identify, understand and meet the needs of their institutions; improve strategic planning skills; communicate effectively with those working with or under them; and implement change, all anchored in Christian faith.

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