Members of IAPCHE at the Internationalization Conference at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May 2013.
North America Conference


International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education

IAPCHE is a network of institutions and individuals worldwide committed to advancing Christian education through training, capacity building, scholarship, and networking in ways that reflect both the universal (shared view of Christ’s centrality in our identity and work) and the local (attending to the specific realities and practices of where and who we serve).


Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ as Lord through the promotion of integral Christian higher education worldwide through distinctive programs, decentralized governance, and global reach.

  • Programs: Faculty and staff development based upon rigorous Christian scholarship and shaped by local needs and realities.
  • Governance: A decentralized model of governance that gives equal partnership to all five regions of the organization in decision-making and programming.
  • Global/Worldwide Reach: Programs and practices are global, incorporating the specific contexts of member institutions and individuals.

Our Core Values

  • Distinction: All work undertaken by IAPCHE for and on behalf of its members is distinctly shaped by Christian faith and practices.
  • Collaboration: Understanding the next generation of world leaders will come from different countries and that collaboration provides the best chance for building a better world.
  • Integration: Conviction that Christians must intentionally and effectively engage and influence all areas of cultural and political power in the world today, including education, theology, politics, entertainment, healthcare, sports, and business as well as their participation in family life as neighbors, citizens, and members of congregations.
  • Attention: Acknowledging God is already at work in every corner of the world and our goal is to discern what He is doing and partner with Him in advancing kingdom work and listening to those closest to the issues being addressed.




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